Is there a need to improve your own leadership competency?

Does your team need to work better together to succeed?

Do you need systems and programs to develop employees in a fast growth organization?

Are your employees in need of talent alignment with their work?

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Through program implementation, individuals improve performance while being engaged in the work of the organization.

Team training and coaching that strengthens leadership and operational skills.

Create resources to advance orientation, performance, strategic decision making, embrace change, and grow high potential employees for promotion.

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Once employees discover their potential they will enjoy their work and meet expectations.

You will be able to retain talent and be an attractive organization to new talent and customers.

Performance at the bottom line will improve when employees know the vision and respect their supervisors.

We can help you measure the return on this investment.

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Our Services

We can customize coaching, training, and resources for your specific needs.

Strengths Coaching for Individuals and Teams

It is through our talents that we tap into our greatest potential for success.                                                        - Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D.

Do you know your StrengthsFinder Top 5 Signature Themes? Strengths-based coaching is a great way to explore how these themes reveal your unique talents.  As a certified Strengths Coach, Leatha Ritchie can help you analyze your StrengthsFinder results and understand how you can turn those talents into strengths that produce great results at work. Our team coaching and training program can also help you maximize effectiveness of the whole team. 

Embracing Change

Are storms coming at work and you cannot figure out how to avoid them? Sometimes storm clouds begin forming at work and coming in your direction. You do not see shelter or an exit route. Anxiety begins. You lose focus.

What seems to be impending chaos might really benefit you. It depends on personal resilience and your approach to change. Change will affect you. You can improve your ability to move through the change with the best result. Understanding the cycle of change and its effect, will give you confidence and tools to make it through.

If you or your team needs to embrace the change at work,

contact us for training and resources.

Indicators of Impending Crisis

Performance decline can be predicted. With 20+ years in operations, our experience can help you see it coming and avoid it. Even when you can't predict it, knowing more about the signs of impending crisis will help you correct it quickly. Our services of assessment, training, and coaching can help you improve your ability to recognize potential problems before they affect the bottom-line.

Leadership Development Programs Customized for Your Needs

Leaders need and deserve professional development. High potential managers and supervisors will stay with your organization if you provide it for them. They will leave if you do not. Small companies may not have the training funds to allocate for leadership development. There are plenty of options you can buy off the shelf, but will they fit the needs of your unique organization? Our consulting services can design a program that fits your vision and goals.

Consultant to Investors of Early Care & Education Programs

With decades of experience in operations of the early childhood industry, we are able to consult with those wanting to improve their own investment in child care centers and schools. If you are interested in entering the business as an investor or a client corporation, we can enlighten about what it takes to succeed in this industry. We do not sell child care programs or schools, we are the consultant that helps you make the right decision about how you are involved in child care, preschools, and schools.